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Summer sorbets

Ice cream is delicious pretty much year round, but there's a certain time when the weather starts to heat up and I just start craving sorbets. Fruity and refreshing, they taste like summer and provide the perfect pick-me-up. Plus, they're a great way to showcase local berries and herbs. Strawberry ice cream — without artificial flavoring — often ends up tasting more like delicious strawberries and cream. But strawberry sorbet is a solid burst to the mouth of pure strawberries.

We still have a while before berry season hits Anchorage, but we’re preparing now: refining our recipes and sampling, sampling, sampling.

Here are our first four sorbets of the season, left to right

Ginger lemongrass - mellow, with a lingering zesty ginger aftertaste

Lemon verbena (steeping last summer’s dried herbs from our friend Dana’s Anchorage garden) - I’d never had this before, but it’s surprisingly addictive

Strawberry lemonade - sweet and tart. Can't wait to infuse mint, basil, etc.

Cherry berry lambic - ooh, fizzy and rich.

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