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Artist Spotlight: Tim Davis

Starting this month, we have switched our Midtown Art Wall to bimonthly rotations, to allow for a longer feature for the artist. For January and February, we are pleased to welcome the photographs of Tim Davis! His work will remind you of the beauty of an Alaskan winter!

Tim moved to Alaska from Texas two and a half years ago and he has committed to the Alaskan lifestyle. He was born and raised in Texas and in the summer of 2020, he made the trip up the Alcan. Since moving here, he has enjoyed fly fishing for silvers and backcountry skiing. You can see his love for the Alaskan wilderness throughout this collection. He described: “Four of the images on the wall are part of my collection Winter Light, which was inspired by seeing the brilliance of hoar frost-y trees poking through the fog, one mid-winter morning at Westchester Lagoon - it made for some brilliant light for ice skating! Since then, I have spent the past two winters seeking out hoar frost (still my favorite part of winter) and gorgeous snowy scenes.”

The pieces of this collection are all photographs, printed directly on metal. The collection “is half an introduction to my series Winter Light and half a collection of my favorite images from the past two years living in Alaska. The single largest image is a 20x60" edition of "Aurora Halo" - a panorama of the normal lights above the Talkeetna Mountains, as seen from the Knik River.”

This was Tim's first First Friday event in Anchorage and he is super excited to have the opportunity to display the beauty of Alaska through his camera lens. Tim's displayed work may be purchased according to the instructions on his artist statement on the wall. More of his work can be found at

You can find more of Tim’s work at the following spots:

Instagram: @trustmeimaphotographer

Facebook: Tim Davis

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Oct 09, 2023

His creativity makes us fall in love with every detail of this breed. Tim Davis perfectly captured the unique beauty and charm of the dog breed in his painting labradoodle. From lively eyes to fluffy fur, every element of Tim's work creates an incredible image. This picture makes us admire the beauty of nature and art, and leaves us with a feeling of warmth and joy. Tim Davis is a great artist and his work inspires us.

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