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It's about thyme!

Mint is a common herb to feature in ice cream, but at Wild Scoops we have big plans for other herbal blends.

For this week, we got fresh thyme from Sun Circle Farm, another vendor at the South Anchorage Farmers Market.

Sun Circle Farm is a small family farm run by Anne-Corinne Kell. They're in their fifth year of growing at their location in Palmer, cultivating crops on about 1.5 acres. They grow a variety of fresh produce with the goal of "deep organic" farm management.

Anne-Corinne writes, "It is our belief that when we view the farm as a whole and focus on putting in place complimentary systems including happy healthy animals and biologically diverse plant rotations we move towards farm-generated fertility and true sustainability."

I encourage you to check out Sun Circle's website. There's a great recipe section and the blog posts are beautifully written!

For our Summer Thyme ice cream flavor, we steeped the fresh thyme in our cream-milk mixture. After churning, we swirled in honey butterscotch and added salted cashews. It's a flavor that tastes completely unique and compelling!

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