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Artist Spotlight: Gratia Kautek

We are thrilled to welcome Gratia Kautek to our Midtown Artist Wall for October. We will have her incredible work here all month long!

Gratia moved to Alaska in 2015, from Austria. She was born in Berlin and her love for art and animals began at a young age. She attended the University of Austria and studied Zoology. Gratia started selling her art at 16 and had her first show at 17. Since her adolescence, she has created a variety of art including paintings, sculptures, crafts, drawings, and graphic designs. She has had her art shown all over the world and we are honored to host her in our Anchorage Scoop Shop!

This collection is made up of two parts -- one is her reclaimed wood art, made from plywood collected from her grandfather’s homestead in Soldotna, from the remains of an old farm building. She chose acrylic to paint animal portraits on them that match the wood grain. The second part is black canvas art, also done with acrylics. These pieces are a result of her “thrill to challenge herself with new techniques.” To make these works, Gratia described it as “painting in reverse, you paint light instead of shadows.”

Gratia expresses her love for all of Alaska, but she especially enjoys Seward Bay and Cordova. Mostly, she loves any place where the sea meets the mountains - the rocky cliffs, smell of seaweed, and sound of the birds.

Redoubt’s Revenge, our signature spicy chocolate flavor, is her favorite Wild Scoops ice cream.

Make sure and stop in to check out the beauty of Gratia’s work! You are sure to experience nature and art in a new way.

You can learn more about Gratia at and check out her Instagram: @gratiakautekart.


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