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5 Reasons to Check Out Test Kitchen Open Hours

Maybe you’ve heard that Wild Scoops has a Test Kitchen. And maybe you’ve heard that for one magic window every week, our Kitchen throws its doors open to the public. (That window is Thursday from 4-6:30, by the way.) But what actually happens during these legendary Test Kitchen Open Hours? Why is it worth your while to visit?

Here’s what you can expect to encounter in the Wild Scoops Test Kitchen, and the top reasons why you may want to check it out!

#1You want to meet our makers and “see the magic”

Anyone with curiosity about how Wild Scoops works definitely must visit our Test Kitchen. After all, this is where 100% of our ice cream gets churned! It’s also where we pack pints, bake cookies, simmer sauces, and assemble ice cream sandwiches. Showing up during Open Hours allows you to take a peek behind the scenes and spot our staff in action. Plus, it’s almost a guarantee that the Kitchen will smell heavenly whenever you stop in. If getting a glimpse at how our ice cream is made sounds intriguing to you, then Open Hours is a must.

#2You think sampling is best done unrushed

You can do more than just see and smell during Open Hours—it’s also a prime time to taste ice cream! While we don’t offer individual scoops at our Kitchen, we do sell pints, as well as some select popsicles, sandwiches, and other treats. Plus, we are well-stocked with taster spoons, so guests are encouraged to request as many samples as their hearts desire!

#3You like to be on the cutting edge

We’re constantly mixing up new flavors and experimenting with treat ideas at Wild Scoops. And where does that experimentation happen? At our Test Kitchen, of course! So the new typically makes its debut in our Test Kitchen, even before it hits our Scoop Shop or our Market Booths. If you want to get a taste of Wild Scoops’ latest creations before your friends hear about them, Open Hours are a good bet!

#4It’s a special occasion (stocking up on pints or doing some gift-shopping)

Lots of folks come to Open Hours in a celebratory mood. Need some pints for a party? Want to find that special something for your favorite ice cream fan? The Kitchen is the place to be. We have lots of pints and merchandise for sale, so you can grab a Wild Scoops-themed water bottle or some ice cream socks. And best of all, you can grab your goods without waiting in a long line. While we sometimes experience rushes at the Test Kitchen, the volume of visitors is typically far lower than it is amongst the scoop-seekers downtown.

#5You’re a flavor completist

The Test Kitchen is the place with the widest range of Wild Scoops flavors available: limited-size batches, special occasion creations, the last few lingering pints of a flavor that has been long sold-out downtown…these are all to be found in the Test Kitchen! So if you’ve heard word of a flavor that has not showed up in the Scoop Shop or at our wholesale locations, there’s a chance you may track it down during Open Hours.

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