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Winter Wild Scoops

"Well, it's been a good summer," some of our customers told us at the last farmer's market of the year. "See you next summer!"

"But wait!" we cry. "Just because summer is over doesn't mean you have to put an end to your ice cream eating!"

My friends, there is no need to despair. Here's how you can continue to get your Wild Scoops ice cream fix year round.

1. Freezers around Anchorage:

Stop by La Bodega (Metro Mall location) or Summit Spice & Tea for delicious pre-packed pints and singles during all open hours. You can also get singles at the Magpie: kitchen at large, or AK Classic sandwiches at Hearth Artisan Pizza.

2. Apres Ski:

Going to Alyeska Resort? Stop in their Sundry Shop on the way home to get some tasty Wild Scoops singles or pints! Heading north to XC ski by Talkeetna? The Flying Squirrel Bakery Cafe has single-serving cups there.

3. Ice Cream Adventure Club

If you love creative flavors and want to be part of a neat foodie community, consider joining the Wild Scoops 2017 Ice Cream Adventure Club! For 20$/month ($100/season), you get two unique pints and one surprise each month, Jan-May. Other club specials, too! Learn more and sign up HERE.

4. Pop-up Sales:

We will have monthly days in 2017 where you can pre-order special pint flavors online and pop by several locations to pick them up. Stay tuned for more information.

5. Test Kitchen Open Hours:

As we settle into our new kitchen, we look forward to having certain open hours where you are welcome to swing by, pick up some pints, try some tastes and watch the magic happen!

6. Special Events

We will have a scattering of ice cream socials and other community events throughout the winter and spring. Sign up for our email list to stay on top of the schedule!

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