Frequently asked questions 

What flavors do you have today? Do you have "x" flavor?

We have a rotating cast of wildly delicious flavors in our shop. We post an updated list of current flavors every Tuesday on our social media accounts, but since we are a small batch operation, this is not a guarantee of availability through the end of the week. Sometimes a flavor sells out quickly or we choose to bring in a new seasonal flavor midweek. No matter what though, come on in and we know you’ll find something you’ll enjoy. You might even discover a new favorite flavor you’d never have tried otherwise!


Thanks for supporting local small-batch craft ice cream!

Can I get "x" for my special event?

Thanks so much for thinking of us for your special event! Ice cream makes any party better :)  We currently have a cakes and pies program, and you can access that inquiry form here. We also have worked with companies and individuals who want “cone cards” (ie. ice cream scoop coupons) or larger amounts of Wild Scoops ice cream. You can email us with inquiries on these. Thanks!


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