We are back to scooping for take-out at Midtown! You will notice numerous modifications, like hand sani stations, social distancing marks on the floor, more spacing during the payment process, staff wearing gloves/masks, and increased disinfecting measures.

For those who prefer, we are also continuing to offer Curbside Pick-up at Midtown. 


HOW to order for curbside:

1. Visit our online shop to place an order, designate pick-up time, and pay:

2. We've set a time window of 45 minutes, but if you receive notification that your order is Ready early, you are welcome to come by earlier.

3. When you arrive, please stay in your car or off to the side. Text us at (907) 444-0714 with your full name and "is here!"

4. A gloved employee will bring your ice cream out to the stool outside our front window.

Donate Super Scoops to local healthcare teams and first responders!

Read more about it on our blog


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