Every flavor has a story

Our summer season may be short, but we try to maximize it by finding the freshest Alaskan produce. Year-round, we find local ingredients to churn in, from honey to tea to herbs to coffee. 


Some flavors are inspired by our travels, others are rooted in our wild surroundings. We love to work with other small businesses to collaborate on unique flavors.

Get ready for an adventure.



We're always concocting something new! The best way to stay on top of our current offerings is to check our Facebook page or Instagram. Here is a sampling of some of our early 2020 flavors. 

Hygge (Vietnamese cinnamon + homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies)

Banana Peanut Butter Cup (Organic banana base + homemade peanut butter cups)

AK Birch Almond (Sweet cream + toasted almonds + Bridge Creek Birch Syrup)

Mint Chocolate Fleck (Seeds of Change fresh mint + chocolate flecks)

Vegan Bear Hug (Chocolate coconut + raspberry jam)

Cinnamon Toast Munch (Sweet cream + Great Harvest Cinnamon Bread croutons + white chocolate cinnamon ganache)

Tundra Queen (AK lingonberry + white chocolate)

...and many more!

Sometimes you just want to count on something that you know and love. You can expect to find these flavors making an appearance year-round!


Madagascar Vanilla


Snow (Vegan coconut + toasted flakes)

Sitka Swirl (Salted caramel swirl with Alaskan sea salt)

Redoubt's Revenge (Chocolate + cayenne + cinnamon)

Black Cup Coffee (Locally roasted!)

Yukon Gold (Sweet cream + homemade fudge + AK Chip Co potato chip toffee)

No dairy? No problem!
Sorbets and dairy-free delights as well!

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