May 11, 2018

*** Smoky Tea + Orange Caramel *** 

Lapsang souchong is a black tea known for its smoky taste. That distinctive flavor comes from the last step in a lengthy preparation process: after tea leaves are harvested, they are dried, rolled, fermented, pan-fried, and finally sm...

April 19, 2018

This month’s flavor line-up all follows the same conceptual theme of Pizza Party. We got to collaborate with three new partners, which is always really fun for us. We hope that we can do more flavors with them!

*** Bruschetta Believe It! *** 

An ice cream that tastes lik...

March 12, 2018

This month’s flavor line-up is really fun and funky, a celebration of the lengthening of days and the arrival of spring.

March Pick-up Week:

March 13th-18th at the Scoop Shop (429 E St), Tuesday-Sunday, 12-9pm

March 15th at the Test Kitchen (636 E. 15th Ave), Thursday, 4-...

October 5, 2017

Embracing seasonal change is a major part of Arctic identity. Thanks to our Northern latitude, we Alaskans experience a huge shift as we swing from one season to the next. We live in a land drenched with summer sun, that then lies mostly in shade for the slow stretch o...

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